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Ryan M. Dodd

Principal Architect | Founder





151 Leigh Avenue, Anna, IL 62906

About the Founder

Our principal, Ryan Dodd, began at the age of 4 claiming that when he grew up he was going to be “a builder man.”  This love of the built environment evolved from blocks to dragging materials into his families’ woods to construct the childhood forts that he would ‘intricately’ design and draw.  After numerous youth architecture camps and construction jobs he enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies Program at the University of Illinois in August of 2005 with the vision of this day.  Studying architecture abroad throughout Europe for a year while living in Versailles, France gave him an appreciation of the past, an understanding of cultures different than his own, and the lesson that by simply taking the time to listen: a wealth of knowledge from others is obtainable.  Ryan followed with a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Illinois which provided the fundamentals for his future.  The Professional experience was then needed and his road to you today couldn’t have been better.  This path taken has made Ryan a versatile architect, a seasoned leader, and a veteran of navigating the unique challenges of Education Architecture.  

Ryan Dodd’s experience began with 360 Architecture in Kansas City, MO.  360 (now HOK) is an international architecture firm focused on major sporting venues, you have seen and experience their work any time Professional and Collegiate Athletics are viewed.   He was able to work every day directly with the founding principal and award-winning architect at 360 that taught him to use his natural creativity and problem-solving skills to develop alternative solutions that others would never see.  Ryan is reminded by that experience every time a challenge arises because those are Dodd Architects’ opportunities to stand apart. 

White & Borgognoni Architects was the next position that left him with a deep appreciation of the craft.  They focused strongly on the importance of quality detailing and designs which reflect their surroundings while producing modern facilities of the future.  It was a “true belt and suspenders” approach to a quality and correct finished product.  Time crunches and workload should never detract from the job at hand and the quality the customer deserves, White and Borgognoni reinforced that vision for Ryan. 

Ryan was then able to take an advanced position at Baysinger Architects.   Michael Baysinger afforded him the opportunity to be the lead designer in the office; handling the firms largest projects and clients for the past 6 years was an experience that expedited himself to this point of independence, and Ryan Dodd is forever grateful.   Ryan was rapidly responsible for hundreds of school district projects while coordinating with the local Regional Office of Education and the Illinois State Board of Education.  Along with the amazing experiences of leading these multimillion dollar projects Ryan also had the distinct pleasure of being mentored by Earl Kleidon, a staple of educational clients in Southern Illinois.  Earl took Ryan under his wing to teach him the importance of every client, large and small.   A typical example of this is when a major midday storm event overcame the roofing contractors temporary weather protection, Ryan and Earl facilitated the cleanup, protection, and corrections to the schools lobby… both staying on the roof until 3:00 AM when the facility was secure... just in time before the second approaching storm.  That was care above and beyond, that was Earl, and that is how Ryan Dodd and Dodd Architects have operated every day since.  Education Elevated.


Master of Architecture, May 2011, University of Illinois (UIUC), Urbana-Champaign, IL

Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies, May 2009, University of Illinois (UIUC), Urbana-Champaign, IL

École nationale supérieure d'architecture de Versailles, - Versailles, France 2007-2008


Licensed Architect:

  • Illinois

  • Kentucky

  • Indiana

  • Florida

  • Texas


American Institute of Architects (AIA) Member

National Council of Architectural Registration Boards Certified – (NCARB)

Illinois Capital Development Board, Certified Project Manager

Union County Housing Authority - Chairman of the Board

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